greenTONE a cappella. Women Without Instruments.

Singing as we navigate through "life in the real world" since 2007. Coming to a party/flash mob/wedding/geological formation near you.

We update as often as life allows, but just know that if you need to know more about something that you think we must be doing but are not seeing anything about it here yet, just email us already, ok? OK.




It's been an eventful fall for all of us!  Some of the highlights have been a group trip to Door County back in September, learning new holiday tunes, singing for Santa's Live Reindeer just after Thanksgiving, our annual Caroling in the Cave concert on December 2nd, and perhaps the biggest highlight of all has been the milestone of greenTONE turning 10!  While a lot has evolved in the 10 years since we learned our very first Christmas carol, the overall attitude of the group is quite the same and possibly stronger than it has ever been; not only do we continue to work hard at bringing the acappella musical artform to life, growing our musical capabilities and inspiring others to start/keep on/never stop singing, this all happens as our friendships continue to grow and thrive in new ways with each passing year!  We often giggle about what gT will look like when we are all past the age of 50/60/70...grateful is just the beginning of how many of us would describe how we feel about being a part of this group. Awwww...

So instead of getting all sappy (I'm not crying, YOU'RE crying...right?), we will do what we do best...SING.  SO, JOIN US AT CRESCENDO ESPRESSO BAR & MUSIC CAFE on THURSDAY December 21st for greenTONE: Holiday In Revue.  7p.  Tickets are super duper limited, so please don't wait!  Check out our event on Facebook right here!



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