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Singing as we navigate through "life in the real world" since 2007. Coming to a party/flash mob/wedding/geological formation near you.

We update as often as life allows, but just know that if you need to know more about something that you think we must be doing but are not seeing anything about it here yet, just email us already, ok? OK.



Holiday 2019

We feel so honored knowing that it isn't even Thanksgiving yet and our shows at Cave of the Mounds are already sold out!!! Holy moly.  If you are one of those folks that was still totally OK not thinking about the holidays for at least another week and really wanted to hear us out there, there may still be tickets available provided that you're OK with standing and/or leaning on rocks while listening to us.  If standing and/or leaning on rocks while listening to beautiful music isn't quite your thing, then mark your calendar for our 3rd annual "Holiday in Revue" concert at Crescendo Espresso Bar and Music Cafe happening on Thursday December 12th 2019.  7p show.  Ticket link is in the events tab, so go grab your tickets ASAP!

AND!!! Big News - we've recorded a holiday EP and we are STOKED about it!  More details on that project very soon, so STAY TUNED!



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